First gluten-free bakery

29-10-2018 11:33 PM

Basma William

Upper Egypt is getting its first gluten-free bakery. The bakery has been set up in the capital city of Upper Egypt, Assiut, some 350km south of Cairo, by Assiut University’s Faculty of Agriculture. It will be officially opened next month, but is already in business and has attracted a large clientele who suffer gluten intolerance.

Hossam Eddine Abdel-Rahman, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, said the bakery was the fruit of cooperation between Assiut University’s Faculty of Agriculture, the Clinical Nutrition Unit at the University Children’s Hospital, the University’s Agricultural Guidance Institute and the Together to Save Upper Egypt’s Patients Association. He pointed out that the bakery provides gluten free bread, pizza and biscuits at discounted prices.

Muhammad Rashwan, Dean of the Agricultural Guidance Institute and the bakery supervisor, explained that the university will be issuing admission cards for patients in order for them to easily access the bakery which stands on the university grounds. The bakery, he said, will soon provide eggs and milk for patients who suffer intolerance.

Watani International

29 October 2018

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