Joint medical research between Alabama and Alexandria universities

31-10-2017 06:21 PM

Nevine Kameel

President of the Alexandria University Essam al-Kurdi received earlier this week a delegation from the University of Alabama to discuss the partnership that was agreed upon between both universities during a previous visit by Dr Kurdi to Alabama. The delegation included Mona Azab, Professor in the University of Alabama’s School of Medicine. Ahmed Osman, Dean of the Alexandria University’s Faculty of Medicine and Noha Awad head of the Alexandria University’s Cancer Research Centre attended the meeting. During the meeting, Dr Kurdi congratulated Dr Azab for her appointment to the American National Medical Council.
The partnership between both universities will involve medical research, joint efforts in the modern interface programme between the schools of medicine and engineering, as well as introducing new study and training programmes in the field of medical engineering. The partnership will also include a student exchange programme for training on the latest clinical and research systems, in addition to cooperation in research projects in modern fields of specialisation.
Prior to the meeting with Dr Kurdi, Dr Azab visited the Alexandria University’s School of Medicine where she met with heads of the medical research centres. She discussed with them cooperation between the two universities, and the possibilities involved, especially in scientific research and joint research projects, in fields such as cancer research, studies of modern medicine and cell biology. Dr Azab also visited the School of Medicine’s laboratories to inspect the research facilities available.

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