Literacy for 42,000 students

09-12-2015 12:05 PM

Nader Shukry  









Towards realising the goal of eradicating illiteracy in Egypt, the Coptic Evangelical Organisation for Social Services (CEOSS) has been active in offering literacy classes in several places in Egypt. Monday 14 December will see CEOSS celebrate the graduation of 42,000 students who passed their final exams of adult education. A number of ministers, governors and figures concerned with social services will participate in the ceremony, as well as media figures and the members of parliament.

CEOSS’s literacy programme comes within the framework of its “Knowledge is power” initiative which aims at enabling 72,388 illiterates to enrol in literacy classes in underprivileged districts and randomly-built areas in the governorates of Minya, Beni-Sweif, Cairo, Giza, and Qalyubiya.

Since its establishment in 1950 until today, CEOSS has placed special emphasis on illiteracy eradication an investment in human resources.

According to Rev. Andrea Zaky, head of the Evangelical community in Egypt and General Manager of CEOSS, literacy is a national security issue that provides the first line of defence against threats posed by globalisation and terrorist thought.


Watani International

9 December 2015

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