Peoples Days at Ain Shams University

23-04-2017 07:14 PM

Amira Ezzat






The Community Services and Environment Development Sector at Ain Shams University will hold its annual festival Ayam al-Shoob “Peoples Days”at the university guesthouse starting Monday 24 April till Thursday 27 April. Participants represent 13 Arab, African and Asian countries:Morocco, Chad, Azerbaijan, Somalia, Mauritania, Japan, Malaysia, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Russia, Oman and Iraq.

Samir Abdel-Nasser, Secretary-General of the Sector, said that the festival, which is held under the auspices of Ain Shams University President Abdel-Wahab Ezzat, aims at exploring the cultures of various countries through promoting awareness of such things as their national dress, food and folk arts.

DrNasser pointed out that this year the Egyptian sectionincludes Nubian and rural features. For the first time, the Higher Institute for Papyrusand Inscriptions Studies, and the Students’ Union are participating in the festival which will open with a flag parade then go on to present performances of Nubian and African folk music.



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