Preserve water .. maintain life

15-10-2018 04:56 PM

Emad Sadeq



The Egyptian Water and Wastewater Company is conducting a campaign among schoolchildren to raise their awareness of the key importance of rationalising the consumption of water.

The campaign, which comes under the title: “Preserve water .. maintain life”, is currently running in schools in the Red Sea region.

At Shadwan Primary School, a number of activities and workshops on water and methods to rationalise its consumption were conducted with active participation of the children who were then given symbolic souvenir gifts and stickers stressing on water as a life giver.

Likeminded campaigns are also held by water and wastewater companies in various parishes, jointly with the churches, who have long been eager to educate clergy and congregation on preservation of water. These campaigns run under the motto: “Every drop counts”.

Watani International

15 October 2018


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