Russia invites world’s children to Egypt

10-09-2018 12:37 AM

Georgette Sadeq

The Ross Atom Foundation, Russia’s national atomic energy agency, has chosen Egypt to host the Russian International Camp organised annually by the foundation. This is the first time ever Egypt hosts that event. The camp is organised in Russia or in countries that cooperate with Russia in the production of nuclear energy. Egypt qualified once it signed with Russia the agreement for the Dabaa nuclear power plant. Accordingly, the organising committee of Ross Atom invited children around the world to come to Egypt for the Russian International Camp this winter, and is currently looking into the best spot to hold the camp. The short list includes Alexandria, Sharm al-Sheikh, and Hurghada. The camp is organised in cooperation with the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo.

The aim of the camp is to enable children to learn about modern trends in contemporary art, while acquiring the abilities of self-determination and self-discovery. The camp also works to develop personal skills through the participation in workshops in animation, engineering, invention, singing, theatre, painting, photography, and sports. The programme is supervised by a team of professionals.

Aleksey Tevanyan, director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo, honoured seven Egyptian children who participated with 85 children from 10 countries in Turkey’s Jonyuk camp held by Russia last June. The Egyptian honorees were: Fares Tarek, Aida Ramadan, Ziad Ramzy, Habiba Sherif, Mohraeel Walid, Philopatir Ussama, and Abanob Waleed. They had been under the supervisor of Sherif Gad, head of cultural activities in the Russian centre.

Watani International

9 September 2018

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