South Valley University cooperates with Franciscan cultural centre

10-07-2018 04:24 PM

A delegation from the Franciscan Cultural Centre for Coptic Studies has visited South Valley University (SVU) in Qena, some 600km south of Cairo, and was received by Prof. Dr Abbas Mansour, President of SVU.

The meeting was attended by the professors Muhammad Abul-Fadl Badran, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, and Youssef Gharbawi, Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development. The Fransiscan delegation included Fr Estephanus Aziz, Pastor of the Church of the Holy Virgin and Fr Melad Shehata, Director of the Franciscan Centre for Coptic Studies.

A joint cooperation project between the Franciscan Centre and SVU was discussed, including issues relating to Coptic studies in the various branches of studies, researches, and manuscripts,

The visit came following an invitation for Dr Mansour to attend the third Franciscan Conference. The university president expressed his thanks and appreciation for this invitation.

Watani International

10 July 2018

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