UNIDO and Education Ministry foster entrepreneurship

09-12-2016 07:27 PM

Mary Fikry

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Egypt, in

close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, has launched a two-week

entrepreneurship education workshop for teachers of technical schools in Luxor.

The workshop, which incorporated over 100 teachers, commenced with a one-day

introduction on 29 November, followed by a two-week training that started on 5

December. It is the first step towards launching the Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Programme in Luxor, which aims to promote and nurture a culture of

entrepreneurship among students in technical secondary schools and prepares them

to become productive members of society, whether they will seek to be wage-

employed or self-employed, and create value and opportunity for them and their


“We learned so much today in the workshop and our goal is to transfer this

knowledge to our students so they can start their own small businesses through

which they can create opportunities for themselves as entrepreneurs” said Ms Amal

Ahmed, assistant teacher of hotel and tourism studies in Luxor.

The objective of the workshop is for teachers to acquire both the theoretical and

practical knowledge and applications of entrepreneurship education as well as

jointly develop the competences, learning outcomes, assessment tools, and syllabus

of the entrepreneurship curriculum program.


“Teachers attending this training will learn how to integrate entrepreneurship

education in their teaching” said Ms Annachiara Scandone, head of the

Entrepreneurship Education Programme (IMKAN) at UNIDO. “They will lead the

implementation of the entrepreneurship curriculum programme in their schools to

develop a positive enterprise culture which will empower the youth and support

their professional and personal growth.” Mr Mohamed Soliman, head of the

entrepreneurship programme at the ministry added that “the Ministry of Education

shares the same vision with UNIDO and its project IMKAN, which is to support

and train over 100 certified entrepreneurship trainers who in turn will instill in the

students the spirit of entrepreneurship for a better future.”

The programme, which is funded by the government of Japan, marks the continued

collaboration between UNIDO and the Ministry in their joint effort to support and

foster entrepreneurship in Upper Egypt. The Entrepreneurship Curriculum Program

has been successfully implemented in the Governorate of Qena during the school

year 2014/2015, where over 100 teachers and 2,000 students received training, and

is now set to expand to Luxor and other governorates in Upper Egypt.

Watani International

9 December 2016

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