Building environmental awareness in children

25-06-2017 10:45 PM

Lillian Nabil

Building environmental awareness in children


“Types of environmental pollution” was the title of a recent interactive awareness seminar for children held in the southern Cairo suburb of al-Maasara, Helwan,
In a simplified interesting way, the seminar included an explanation of the various types of pollution that threaten the environment. A film was screened on how pollution harms health and how best to prevent that by caring for the environment.
Through drawings and colouring, children expressed their feelings vis-à-vis the environment, while mothers participated with their children in an open dialogue on the topic. They were so positively impressed that they expressed wishes to participate in future environmental campaigns.
The environmental awareness campaign comes within a series of seminars that will be resumed in July, and is the joint effort of the State Ministry of Environment and NGOs. The recent Maasara seminar was the fruit of the endeavour of the Ministry and the Bab al-Hayat (Door of Life) NGO.

Watani International
25 June 2017

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