Oil spill near Aswan cleaned up

29-10-2018 12:49 AM

Hanan Atef

A 5km-long gas spill with an average width of 50 metres spotted on the River Nile at Edfu, Aswan, has been dispersed and cleaned up.

The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources cooperated with the police, local authorities, drinking water authority and all parties concerned to address the situation.

The intakes of two water treatment plants were temporarily closed as a precautionary measure, as work started on the dispersal and elimination of the oil spill.

The environment and water police launched investigations to identify who was responsible for the leakage, in preparation for legal proceedings to take place.

The water treatment plants are now operating normally; the Health Ministry has checked the quality of the drinking water and pronounced it safe.

Watani International

28 October 2018

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