Planting palms in Wadi al-Gedid school

02-10-2017 10:23 PM

Angele Reda

The Western Desert governorate of Wadi al-Gedid has witnessed the launch of an initiative to plant palms in al-Rashda Primary School. Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Abdel-Muniem al-Banna, and Wadi al-Gedid Governor, Muhammad al-Zamlout both attended. They were welcomed with the national anthem, patriotic songs, and the famous Boy Scouts slogan chanted by the schoolchildren.
The initiative coincided with the governorate’s celebration of its national day, in which the Agriculture Ministry participates through the Palm Festival. To mark the occasion, the governorate also witnessed the inauguration of a number of developmental projects that contribute to sustainable development.
During the palm planting on the school grounds, Mr Banna said that Egypt is among the countries with the highest date harvest worldwide; “Egypt has some 14 million palms and an annual date production of around 1.3 million tons,” he said.

Watani International
2 October 2017



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