Abdel-Rahman al-Abnoudi (1939 – 2015)

21-04-2015 09:40 PM

Ekhlass Atallah


Egypt loses great poet

A few hours ago, Egypt lost one of the most prominent figures on the poetry arena, Abdel-Rahman al-Abnoudi, after a long struggle with illness.

Abnoudi was born in the village of Abnoud in the southern province of Qena, Upper Egypt, in April 1939. From a simple village boy he rose to be a creative, innovative poet whose works resonated with the feelings and inner sentiments of Egyptians.

Abnoudi was famous for his Egyptian language poetry as opposed to the writings of most poets in classical Arabic. The public used to enjoy tremendously his recitation of his works, which he used to do in his rich voice and typical ++Saeedi++, Upper Egyptian, accent. Many of his poems were put to music and became much-loved songs.

Among his most prominent works is the volume ++Al-Mout alal-Asphalt (Death on the Asphalt)++.

Abnoudi leaves behind his wife, Nihal Kamal; and two daughters Nour and Aya.


Watani International

21 April 2015

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