139 African students train with Egypt’s military

06-05-2018 10:46 PM

Lucy Awad

The Egyptian Armed Forces has celebrated the graduation of the 174 students from 39 African countries who attended seven training courses at institutes and organisations of the Armed Forces.

General Nasser Assi, head of Armed Forces Training Authorities, gave a word in which he spoke of the training courses offered to African students in cooperation with the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development affiliated to the Foreign Ministry. He expressed the keenness of the General Command of the Armed Forces to provide all possible chances of military cooperation with sister African countries; and to work on preparing and qualifying expatriate students, and transferring and exchanging experience in various fields.

A documentary prepared by the Armed Forces’s Department of Moral Affairs was screened. It displayed the stages of preparation and fulfilling the training courses: starting with receiving the students and getting them oriented, to giving them state-of-the-art theoretical and practical training.

The students thanked the Egyptian Armed Forces for their care and interest to extend knowledge and expertise to their sister African countries.

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Hamdi Loza praised the cooperation between the Armed Forces and the Foreign Ministry to enhance Egypt’s political and diplomatic efforts towards supporting Africa and its valuable human resources.

General Ahmed Medhat al-Nahhas, Assistant Minister of Defense, delivered a speech on behalf of Major General Sedky Sobhy, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, in which he congratulated the students for completing their courses, and promising the Egyptian Armed Forces’s support and cooperation with its counterparts in Africa.

The students were handed their certificates in presence of the military leaders, and the ambassadors and military representatives of their countries.

Watani International

6 May 2018

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