Big Maya meets small Maya

30-05-2019 05:58 PM

Angele Reda

Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women (NCW), warmly received seven-year-old Maya Ahmed al-Deeb who had asked to meet her.

Little Maya, who is a talented singer, sent a video of herself to Dr Morsy, in which she sang the widely loved song “Ana Ibn Misr” (I am Egypt’s Child), broadcast as an advertisement for Banquet Misr. In the same video, the girl requested to meet Dr Morsy in person.

Dr Morsy welcomed Maya in her office and expressed admiration for her talent and her distinctive performance of the song. She praised her courage and initiative at this young age, and said she expected a bright future for her. She encouraged little Maya to study and train with specialists in order to attain success. Dr Morsy also said she’d be sure to follow the videos Maya posts on social media.

Little Maya excitedly said she dreamed of one day becoming the next Maya to chair the National Council for Women.

In its TV advertisement song, Banque Misr included the slogan of the NCW: “Al-Taa al-Marbouta Sirr Quwatik, meaning “your feminine identity is the secret of your power”

Watani International

30 May 2019

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