Egypt ranks 5th at Mediterranean Games 2018

01-07-2018 03:56 PM

Sheri Abdel-Massih



Egypt has ranked fifth in the 2018 Mediterranean Games, among 26 countries represented by 4,541 athletes competing in 28 sport disciplines. Today, 1 July, witnesses the finale of the Games which started on 22 June at the Spanish town of Tarragona.

Italy ranked first in the games with a total 152 medals, Spain second at 117 medals, Turkey third at 92, and France fourth at 95 medals. Turkey outdid France despite the fewer total number of medals because it won more gold medals.

Egypt ranked fifth with 45 medals: 18 gold, 29 silver, and 38 bronze. Three of the gold medals were won in boxing. The Egyptian sports mission included 170 players.

The Mediterranean Games are a multi-sport games held among nations around or very close to the Mediterranean Sea where Europe, Africa, and Asia meet. The games are under the auspices of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (CIJM).

Celebrated every four years, the Mediterranean Games constitute for the countries of the Mediterranean Basin the most important multi-sport event after the Olympic Games.

The current event is the 18th Mediterranean Games; the first was held in Alexandria in 1951. The 2018 games should have been held in 2017, but were postponed by Tarragona in 2016 in view of funding problems caused by the Spanish political and economical instability.

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1 July 2018



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