Church Statement on Boutrossiya incident

14-12-2016 06:46 PM

Marina Barsoum





The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement today, 14 December, regarding the terrorist blast which took place at the Cairo church of al-Boutrossiya last Sunday 11 December, claimed the lives of 26 victims and injured 49.

The statement said the Church was praying for the victims. It expressed gratitude to the Health Ministry for its care for the patients, especially those that lay in critical condition, and its promise to send abroad for treatment the difficult cases that could not be treated at home.

The Church, the statement said, had opened an account for donations at al-Ahli Bank’s main branch in Sherif Street, Cairo.

The account number for donations in Egyptian pounds is: 01041406981

The account number for donations in US dollars is: 11014467156

The donations will go to the families of the injured and the departed.

The patriarchate announced it gave no one authority to receive donations or aid except Anba Pimen, Bishop of Qous and Naqada, and coordinator of the Crisi Committee of the Holy Synod.








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