Ramadan meals on Egypt Air

29-05-2017 09:45 PM

Adel Fouad

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan during which believers fast from dawn till sundown began last Saturday 27 May. Hisham Abdel Hafeez, Head of the Board of Directors of EgyptAir services, announced that, during Ramadan, EgyptAir would be providing some 3000 hot meals for iftar, the meal which breaks the fast at sunset, and another 3000 for sohour, the last meal eaten before dawn after which the fasting of the following day begins. The meals will be available for everyone working at Cairo International Airport and at EgyptAir Holding Company, as well as to all companies, departments and sectors affiliated to them. These include the General Administration of Cairo Airport Police, EgyptAir Hospital and a number of other related companies.
The meals are provided at competitive prices and a small profit margin. They feature traditional Ramadan food, dessert, and drinks such as hibiscus and tamarind.
Mr Abdel Hafeez added that a prompt system has been put in place during the month of Ramadan to ensure that the high quality meals are delivered in a timely manner and suffer no shortages, whether served on EgyptAir flights or on other airliners served by EgyptAir at Cairo International Airport.

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