“Your factory in your home’

20-08-2018 09:31 PM

Usama Fayez

“Your factory in your home’

MPs Nadia Henry and Passant Fahmy have launched the “Women’s

Economy—your factory in your house” initiative, with the aim of enhancing women’s contribution to the economy, and boosting their leadership and societal roles.

The initiative works to expand the economic vista of women through capacity building, networking, research and dissemination of knowledge, interaction with and participation in decision-making circles, and active help with marketing their products. Local and international exhibitions and fairs will be organised in order to display and sell the home products made by women, and to enhance cottage industries. The Egyptian private sector will sponsor the exhibitions, as part of their social responsibility.

Ms Henry says, the initiative is also open for men and individuals belonging to all nationalities living in Egypt and capable of producing handmade goods and artistic crafts. The products should be either made by or for the benefit of women.

The revenue of the exhibitions should go towards providing a decent livelihood for women.

Watani International

20 August 2018

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