Sisi in Sharm al- Sheikh

11-11-2015 10:41 PM

Nader Shukry

On his way back to Cairo from Riayd where he participated in the Arab-South American summit, President Sisi made a surprise visit to Sharm al-Sheikh Wedneday afternoon to “send a message to investors in Sharm al-Sheikh and Hurghada”, he said, that the region is still safe for investment. During an interview with the satellite channel CBC, which he gave on the sidelines of his visit to the Red sea resort, Sisi urged Egyptians to “take care”, pressures on Egypt are continuing, he said, and with every step Egypt makes these pressures will increase, so we must unite to confront these pressures. “Sharm al-Sheikh lights will never go down,” he confirmed.
Sisi confirmed that Egypt is dealing with the investigations around the Metrojet Russian plane which crashed in Sharm al-Sheikh ten days ago, in complete transparency. “We will announce the results of the investigations as soon as they are ready,” he said. “I would have preferred not jump to conclusions before the investigation results are announced,” he added.

Sisi then visited the airport, inspecting the recent security measures that have been taken since the plane crash.

“Egyptians are resilient and strong; they are standing in full force and dignity. However enemies are trying to undermine the success of Egypt,” he addressed Egyptians who bid him farewell at Sharm al-Sheikh airport.

Watani International
11 November 2015

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