Digs for antiquities under houses in Luxor

13-08-2017 11:59 PM

Amany Khairy

The detective department of tourism and antiquities in the southern towns of Esna and Armant south of Luxor managed on 12 August to abort three attempts at digging out antiquities underneath homes after receiving notifications that three homeowners had dug up under their houses to search for ancient Egyptian antiquities.
The police headed to the three houses of Gibreel A. A, 43 and an agricultural worker; Yaacoub, K. A, 45, and an employee at the Youth and Sports ministry; and Ramzy A. F, 36, a hired worker. Gibreel was caught, but the other two fled.
In the three houses, policemen found deep holes (ranging 10 to 20 metres deep and around 2m in diameter) and drilling tools but no antiquities.
The area around Luxor is rife with undiscovered antiquities buried underground, but digging for it or trafficking it is illegal.

Watani International
13 August 2017

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