Assiut and IOM tackle illegal migration

20-11-2018 08:04 PM

Basma William

Gamal Noureddine, Governor of Assiut, recently received a delegation from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM): Hugo Tavares, Carmelo Armello and Meriam Rizkallah. Discussions centred on the project of supporting young people to set up small businesses or projects, in an attempt to dissuade them from leaving their country and emigrating to lands that offer better opportunity. The IOM teamed up with Egypt’s Ministry of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency in Assiut, as well as five local NGOs to implement projects in the district of Abnoub at a total funding of EGP2,350,000.

Assiut Governor said he supported the youth projects initiatives, hoping that it brings an end to illegal migration through development endeavours in the poorest and most needy villages. He emphasised the risks and disadvantages of irregular migration to young persons and children, and called upon to work to raise awareness on that issue.

Mr Tavares spoke of the IOM project in Assiut as one of 11 provinces in Egypt that export migrants. He said project aimed at improve health care and the environment; and promoting civil society organisation.

Watani International

20 November 2018

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