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Bollywood dance workshop

Mary Fikry  - Antoun Milad

02 Apr 2017 6:40 pm

Within the activities of the India by the Nile Festival 2017, a Bollywood dance

workshop was held at al-Azhar Park in Cairo on Tuesday 28 March.

Gilles’ Bollywood Dance Workshop was all about being part of a high-energy and

heady Bollywood dance experience. For over two hours, participants learned dance

routines created by Gilles on popular Hindi songs.

The same workshop was held in Alexandria a day earlier, and later at the Child’s

Museum in Heliopolis and at the Indian Cultural Centre in Zamalek.

Trained in France in folk, modern jazz, ballet and contemporary dance styles,

Gilles Chuyen has been working in India since 1994 with various dance forms such

as Chhau Mayurbhanj, Kathak and Bharatanatyam.

Watani International

2 April 2017


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