Celebrating 75 years of Russian-Egyptian relations

05-11-2018 11:41 PM

Georgette Sadeq

The Egyptian Association of Russian and Soviet University Graduates marked the 75th anniversary of Russian-Egyptian diplomatic relations in a celebration at the Cairo Opera House on 29 October.

Attended the event was Russia’s Ambassador to Cairo Sergei Kravchenko, chairman of the board of directors of the House of Books and National Documents Hisham Azmy, secretary-general of the Egyptian-Russian Friendship Association Ehab Sorour, president of the Egyptian Association of Russian and Soviet University Graduates Sherif Gad, vice president of the Arab Union of Russian University Graduates Fathi Toghan, and former vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court Tahani al-Gebali.

Ambassador Kravchenko lauded the current successful relations between Egypt and Russia. “It is important,” he said, “that we have the ability, given the current political will, to continue constructive cooperation in all fields.”

For his part, Mr Gad stressed that, following the comprehensive partnership agreement recently signed by President Putin and President Sisi, “there is no place for hesitation in implementing mega-projects.”

“Cairo’s Academy of Arts was established in cooperation with Russia,” said Mr Azmy, who was present as representative of the Ministry of Culture. “Soviet experts played a great role in the early days of the academy.” He stressed that Egypt looks forward to greater cooperation with Russia, especially after the decision by President Sisi to name 2020 the Egyptian-Russian Cultural Year.

Mr Azmy presented the shield of the Ministry of Culture to Russian Ambassador Kravchenko, while the Egyptian Association of Russian and Soviet University Graduates granted its shield to director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo Aleksey Tevanyan.

The celebration concluded with a performance by Egypt’s National Group for Folk Art.

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