Combat gender-based violence

07-03-2015 07:22 PM

Mary Fikry

This week the Swedish Institute Alexandria (SwedAlex) in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice held a training workshop to combat Gender Based Violence and Violence against Women, with participants from both the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior.
Gender Based Violence remains a challenging obstacle that threatens societal development on both the local and international levels; the institute with its focus on empowering women and youth through its activities is always in favour of similar capacity building activities. The ministry of justice has developed a unit for legislation to combat gender-based violence.
This training tackled several related topics, such as how to deal with cases of violence against women in terms of police investigation, the positive role of the police in gender-related crimes and prompt forensic analysis. Trainees also learned more on international conventions and rules, as well as the legislative framework for gender based violence crimes. In addition, the workshop highlighted the importance of psychotherapy during all phases of the investigation and litigation process.

Watani International
7 March 2015

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