Culinary arts week at French Institute of Egypt

17-07-2018 12:47 AM

Mary Fikry

Culinary arts week at French Institute of Egypt

To celebrate France’s national day of 14 July, the French Institute of Egypt (l’Institut Français d’Égypte) teamed up with Paris-based culinary designers Hopla Studio for a special Culinary Arts Week in Cairo.

Held from 10 to 13 July at the Institite’s headquarters in Mounira, Cairo, the week featured specially designed buffets that brought together the cuisines of France and Egypt, round-table discussions, cooking workshops, film screenings and other activities.

Bearing in mind that the development and homage to food in content and presentation are essential elements in French cooking, and inspired by Egyptian and Mediterranean culinary tradition, Hopla Studio offered an artistic reinterpretation of the French buffet enhanced with Egyptian sauces.

At a roundtable, the chef of the Embassy of France in Cairo and the food designers of Hopla Studio talked of their career path, their professions and their role in the development of culinary heritage.

Two cooking workshops were held, one for children and another for adults. The aim was to recreate in a fun and educational way elements of the French buffet presented the day before.

Watani International

16 July 2018

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