Egyptian Finnish musical bridge

27-02-2016 09:10 PM

Mary Fikry Antoun Milad

The 9th Finnish-Egyptian Bridge will be held at the Arab Music Institute in Downtown Cairo on 13, 14 and 15 March. The bridge is the brainchild of the Finnish Maestro and Pianist Ralf Gothóni, and aims to strengthen cultural ties through a combination of the music of both countries.

Since 2007, such Egyptian-Finnish bridges became an important station for young Egyptians talented singers and musicians on their way to international professionalism. The bridge gathers gifted Egyptians musicians in collaboration with the Cairo Opera House, orchestral musicians, the most famous world conductors in musical workshops and classes to transfer their experience to young musicians; in addition to holding joint public concerts. A number of young, gifted musicians are selected to study in Savonlinna Academy, Finland and participate in the popular Savonlinna Opera Festival.

This year, the bridge hosts Gothóni, Head of Finnish Opera House Eija Tolpo, Soprano Ritva-Liisa Korhonen, Violinist Mark Gothóni, Cellist Japanese Princess Yuko Miyagawa and Clarinetist Michael Lethiec.

Workshops will be organised for nine days with the Egyptians singers and musicians. Additionally, the bridge will provide to classic music lovers three free of charge performances. On the same days of the concerts, a photography exhibition of the works of Finnish photographer Päivi Arvonen will be held in the lobby of the Arab Music Institute.

Watani International
27 February 2016

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