Egyptian winner of Quiz on Korea qualifies for finals

17-07-2018 12:43 AM

Mary Fikry Antoun Milad

Egyptian winner of Quiz on Korea qualifies for finals

At Ain Shams University campus in Cairo, the Korean Cultural Centre recently held its final round of the competition Quiz on Korea 2018, with 32 Egyptian participants taking part. The winner, Sara al-Okeili, will be leaving to Korea in August 2018 to compete with others from all over the world in the final competition.

Byung Kwan Kim, charge d’affaires of the Korean Embassy in Cairo, said that the quiz represented an activity different than all others offered by the Korean Cultural Centre in that other activities introduce the culture of Korea to the public, but the quiz focuses on those who love and are concerned with Korea and her culture.

Mr Kim said that interest in Korea has surpassed Korean drama and K-pop; now many are learning the Korean language at the Centre and at al-Alsun College. This, he stressed, was a sure way to enhance understanding between our two people in Egypt and Korea.

Watani International

16 July 2018

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