First Euro-Egyptian Energy Day

02-12-2014 09:37 PM

Mary Fikry

The first ever Euro-Egyptian Energy Day has been held at the Aquarium Grotto in Zamalek, under the auspices of Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab, and organised by Egyptian institutions involved in sustainable energy, with the support of EU Technical Assistance. All gathered to engage in reform of the Energy Sector, Egypt (TARES) as part of the EU-Egypt Energy Sector Policy Support Programme (Energy SPSP) worth EUR60 million.
Speeches were made by Ahmed al-Wakil, President of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce; Dr Anhar Hegazy, Head of Energy Efficiency Department of the Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Centre; EU ambassador to Egypt James Moran, Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy, and Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour.
“The EU is our primary partner in trade, investment, tourism, education and training and other fields. Today is another successful partnership in the field of energy efficiency which we all agree is an energy issue that effects us all,” Mr Wakil said.
Mr Abdel-Nour too stressed the significance of energy efficiency: “Without solving the energy problem the country will face hard consequences,” he said.
There was a great private sector turn out in the event with Philips, Advantage Austria, and companies specialised in renewable energy such as Solaris Egypt and Solar Shams present.
Some 1000 participants joined in the event. They were encouraged to bring their wives and children, which they did, the target being to raise awareness on the renewable energy issue. Activities included open-door workshops; exhibitions and fairs where public and private organisations demonstrated and explained their energy technologies to the wider public.

Watani International
2 December 2014

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