French touch, purple touch

12-03-2016 09:09 PM

Mary Fikry

In honour of International Women’s Day, two female DJs led the Soiree Purple Touch, bringing electronic dance music to every class of Egyptians.

The French Institute of Egypt has taken it upon themselves to help bring Electronic dance music to the Egyptian masses who would otherwise be unable to attend the city’s limited and pricey clubs and events offering the same music. The Institute regularly hosts this event, aiming to bring Egyptians from different social classes together on the dance floor. This year, the event was held in honour of International Women’s Day; it was hence named Soiree Purple Touch instead of the usual ‘Soiree French Touch’. Attendees wore at least one purple garment – either trouser or shirt – in order to gain entry, which cost EGP30 for men and was free for women. Even though International Women’s Day is on 8 March, the event was held on the 10th for logistic reasons.

In keeping with the theme, guest spinners for the night are both women: local deck damsel Akladios will be accompanied by Gloria Fock, coming in from Berlin. Akladios needs no introduction, the young lady has been making the rounds for a couple of years now, and has proven to be an integral part of Egypt’s nightlife scene. Gloria Fock moved to Berlin from the far northeast of Germany, where she quickly began playing at clubs and events. Her work as a DJ goes hand-in-hand with her work at a record store back home.

Watani International
12 March 2016

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