Italian cultural activities in Cairo

18-12-2015 06:07 PM

Antoun Milad



The Italian Cultural Centre in Cairo has organised several events during this month of December. A photography exhibition under the title “Italian Architects in Buenos Aires opened on 8 December in the centre’s premises in Zamalek and runs till the end of the month.

An event was held on 16 December at the garden of the Italian Hospital in Cairo at. It included performances of Italian and international music works by the guitar and lute band, as well as a solo performance by the Soprano Nouresta al-Maghraby. Awards were distributed to those who participated in the “Dante on the phone” project and others who were active in social work.

The centre has screened the film Il padre di famiglia  (The Head of the Family), a 1967 Italian comedy directed by Nanni Loy. The film tackles family issues and problems and attempts to present solutions.


Watani International

18 December 2015



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