Japanese handcrafts in Egypt

01-11-2016 11:05 AM

Mary Fikry- Antoun Milad

The Japan Foundation in Egypt is holding exhibitions of Japanese handcrafts in three Egyptian major cities: Cairo, Alexandria, and Assiut. The exhibitions run from 6 October to 17 November in Cairo; 27 November to 8 December in Alexandria; and from 18 December to 5 January 2017 in the southern city of Assiut.
On its website, the foundation posted: “We are surrounded by utilitarian craft objects that have been brought into being and nurtured within our daily lives. By making the most of the raw materials of each craft—ceramics, textiles, metal work, lacquer ware, wood and bamboo work, paper, etc.—and contriving to use the techniques appropriate to each, goods have been created that combine ease of use with beauty.
“Traditional materials and techniques, rooted in the climate and landscape of every region of Japan, produced both utilitarian craft objects made by the seasoned skills of artisans and art works richly imbued with the creativity of craft artists. Artisans and artists have influenced each other. This mutual influence has contributed to the depth and high quality of Japanese crafts as a whole.”
The exhibits include crafts made from ceramics, textiles, metal, wood and bamboo, glass, paper, as well as lacquerware and writing implements.

Watani International
30 October 2016

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