Japan’s KODO drummers in Egypt

04-02-2018 06:39 PM

Mary Fikry Antoun Milad

In order to share with Egyptian audiences the Japanese culture of taiko, song, and dance, KODO Japanese Drumming Ensemble will perform two concerts in Egypt in February: on the 9th on the theatre of Alexandria Opera, and in Cairo Opera House.
The concerts are held by the Japan Foundation in Egypt in cooperation with the Cairo Opera House.
Egypt is the 50th country among the KODO’s “One Earth tour 2018”. Since it was formed in 1981, KODO performed more than 6000 shows in 49 countries in five continents; 3,900 of which were under the theme of “One Earth”.
Kodo is a professional taiko drumming troupe. Based on Sado Island, Japan, they have had a role in popularising taiko drumming, both in Japan and abroad. They regularly tour Japan, Europe, and the United States. In Japanese the word “Kodo” conveys two meanings: “heartbeat”, the primal source of all rhythm, and if read in a different way the word can mean “children of the drum”.

Watani International
4 February 2018


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