Ken Takakura: special film screening

02-12-2014 09:43 PM

Mary Fikry

The Japan Foundation in Cairo will be screening three Ken Takakura films in the Cairo Library during the next week.
Ken Takakura, who passed away on 10 November was a great actor who remained at the top of his profession throughout the last 60 years. He was widely popular under the name Ken-san, and appeared in over 200 films including Hollywood blockbusters such as Black Rain. In this special programme, three movies of his masterpieces will be shown with Arabic subtitles. Ken-san was labelled ‘The man who men look up to in 16-mm film.
Among his remarkable films was Buddies 1989, the film tells of how new love and new relationships can affect even the oldest of friendships through the story of two men Shuzo Kadokura (Ken Takakura) the womanizer and Senkichi Mizuta (Eiji Bando) the modest businessman, who are best friends despite their differences.

Watani International
2 December 2014

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