Kodaly music workshop

08-11-2015 11:57 PM

Mary Fikry

The Office of the Hungarian Cultural Counsellor of Balassi Institute in Cairo in collaboration with Faculty of Music Education of Helwan University have organised the first Kodály Method Workshop in Cairo. The event recently took place at the Faculty of Music Education of Helwan University, where the students had the opportunity to learn a new music teaching method, called the Kodály Method. The Method, also referred to as the Kodály Concept, is an approach to music education developed in Hungary during the mid-20th century by Zoltán Kodály. 

The Kodály Method uses a child-developmental approach to sequence, introducing skills according to the capabilities of the child. Children are first introduced to musical concepts through experiences such as listening, singing, or movement. It is only after the child becomes familiar with a concept that he or she learns how to notate it. Concepts are constantly reviewed and reinforced through games, movement, songs, and exercises. 

The two-day workshop was delivered by Ms Gabriella Boda-Rechner, prizewinner of the Pro Cultura Hungarica in 2011. Ms Boda has developed her teaching and training techniques travelling all over the world: she taught many students from China, India and Morocco how to use the Kodály Method in the music education. 

The workshop in Egypt was based on songs of Egyptian folklore.


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8 November 2015



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