Threads at Mashrabeya art gallery

10-01-2017 08:35 PM

Mary Fikry

“Threads,” is the theme title of a current solo exhibition at Mashrabeya art gallery

in Downtown Cairo, by the Mexican-Italian artist Carlos Torio, who exhibits for

the first time in Cairo. He is a professional journalist and has worked as an editor at

the Mexican newspapers El Norte and Reforma.

The concept of ‘eternal return’ is something that is repeated over and over again in

the work of Torio. The artist has chosen the idea of recycling as the return of the

residue through the usage of espresso capsules and aluminium covers of wine

bottles. Through the recycling concept, the artist makes out of repetition and

reiteration a mantra full of a spiritual and ritual meaning. The remains, here

brought back to life, have a new opportunity to be freed from their previous

function and commence a new life.

The once useless crushed capsules are transformed into precious pieces

of jewellery that could well be pieces of a mantle that reminds us of the rich

garments of ancient tribal ceremonies. 

Torio, who has already exhibited his work in Brazil, Spain and Portugal, uses all

techniques and materials such as photography, sculpture, collage and installation to

reflect on industrial processes, globalisation, consumption, mass phenomena,

marketing and advertising as dominant powers.

Watani International

10 January 2017



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