UNHCR showcases refugee and Egyptian women crafts

26-03-2017 05:45 PM

Mary Fikry



Women in Egypt have fewer opportunities than men owing to socio-economic factors that restrict their access to quality education, health care, and employment possibilities, that are even more difficult to acquire if they’re refugees. UNHCR sought to remind of the struggles that Egyptians and refugees face on their path to a brighter and more dignified future by declaring 2017 as the Year of Women in Egypt.

On Saturday 25 March, the UNHCR organised the Refugee and Egyptian Women Business Fair at the Greek Campus in Downtown Cairo. The open-for-all event featured and sold exquisite products made by refugee and Egyptian women, ensuring they received fair wages. The products included organic cosmetics, original artefacts, hand-made embroidery, and jewellery, to name but a few.

The one-of-a-kind fair also featured a long list of culturally diverse mouthwatering food options that included authentic Ethiopian, Syrian, and Somali food and pastries. Given that the day was a family event, there were special provisions for children.

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Watani International 

26 March 2017

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