UNIDO advices on agricultural methods

16-11-2014 01:24 AM

Mary Fikry

Within the context of its unfailing effort to improve the living standards of small farmers and enhancing the role of small projects in the field of agri-business, UNIDO has organised a training programme about the best ways to fight pests and the use of pesticides. The four-day programme ran in Kafr al-Zayyat in the Delta province of Gharbiya, in cooperation with the Shura Association for Development. Some 20 agriculturists from various agricultural development projects supervised by UNIDO in Egypt took part.

Ahmed Hamed al-Shimy, professor of plant disease at the agricultural researches centre, said that Egyptian farmers need to be made more aware of healthy methods in pest control, use of pesticides, and the identification of pests.


Watani International

15 November 2014

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