US helps with Egypt industrial energy efficiency

09-11-2014 11:22 PM

Eid Saad



The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the US Embassy in Cairo, has launched the expansion of an energy efficiency programme to help small and medium enterprises reduce energy costs.  

“USAID is committed to working with the Egyptian people to increase energy efficiency in Egypt,” said Jacinto Fabiosa, Trade and Investment Team Leader with USAID in Egypt. “If firms can improve their energy efficiency, they can save on energy costs and become more competitive, grow their business, and create more jobs.” 

To help Egypt achieve its national target of 20 per cent improvement in energy efficiency by 2020, USAID implemented a pilot programme to improve energy efficiency in 12 factories and 10 small and medium enterprises in the food processing sector.  In coordination with the Egypt National Cleaner Production Center and the World Environment Center, USAID helped businesses experience between 7 – 28 per cent savings in energy consumption.  The programme expansion will improve environmentally sustainable production in the textile industry and increase competitiveness in international markets. 


Watani International

9 November 2014

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