Christmas tree in Heliopolis

10-12-2017 05:56 PM

Michael Girgis

The Heliopolis Heritage Initiative, a volunteer association, set up a huge Christmas tree at Korba Square in central Heliopolis, an eastern suburb of Cairo. Pictures of the tree went viral on social media. The pictures were posted under the account of Ibrahim Saber, head of Heliopolis District, under “Diary of Head of Heliopolis District”.
Facebook users responded enthusiastically to the photos. One comment exclaimed: “A pleasant sight! May God give pleasure to your hearts!”; another said: “Thanks to the honourable man Ibrahim Saber! You are doing your best for Heliopolis. My respect and appreciation!”
“It is lovely to share with all Egyptians their festivities and feasts, Muslim and Christian alike. But even better is to feel the concern and care of officials along that line, a blogger posted.”
Perhaps the most common sentiment expressed was: “Heliopolis is one of Cairo’s most beautiful districts. Merry Christmas to all Egyptians!”

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10 December 2017



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