Crocodiles in Beheira canal

06-08-2017 07:00 PM

Islam Abul-Wafa

A number of small crocodiles were found on the banks of a canal the carries agriculture run-off water in the village of Abul-Enein, Abu-Hommos, in the West Delta governorate of Beheira. The locals who discovered them were terrified at first and directly called the police but, apparently sensing no danger, began taking selfies and photos with the infant reptiles.

The police informed the local environment authorities who rushed to investigate the matter and find out if there were more crocodiles in the canal. Beheira is miles off the natural habitat of crocodiles which can now only be found in Egypt in the waters of Lake Nasser, south of Aswan, some 800km south of Cairo. Beheira lies some 150km northwest Cairo.

Watani International

6 August 2017




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