Dead dolphin found on Alexandria beach

27-09-2018 09:11 PM

Amira Ezzat

A dolphin was found dead a few days ago on the Alexandria beach of the neighborhood of Glym.

According to Suzanne Kholeif head of the National Institute for Oceanography & Fisheries, the dead dolphin belongs to species of common short-beaked dolphins called Delphinus delphis. She said that this species normally live in oceans. She explained in a press release yesterday that the dead dolphin might have died after it bumped into a boat, especially that several bruises were found on body. The dead dolphin weighs around 70kg and is 2.4meters long; it has 42 teeth on each of its jaws. It has been moved to NIOF to be embalmed, which should be easy, Dr Kholeif explained, since initial inspection showed that it had not died much earlier than when it was found.

Watani International

27 September 2018

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