Let’s run

19-08-2018 10:34 PM

Medhat Mounir

The Youth and Sports Directorate of Qalyubiya, the East Delta province north of Cairo, has launched an initiative titled “Yalla Negri (Let us run)” for the workers and employees at the directorate and their family members. The initiative, which grew to include the public in the province, invited people of to gather for a jogging/running race every Friday morning at 8:00am in front of the governorate office in Benha. The first event was held on Friday 17 August. The initiative was held under the patronage of Ezzat Mahrous, General Manager of Youth and Sports in Qalubia and under the supervision of Mahmoud Al-Sabrout, his Sports Deputy.

It is hoped that the weekly run would encourage families to exercise collectively under the slogan “Let sports be a lifestyle”.

Watani International

19 August 2018

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