Part of ancient column found next to home in Esna

18-03-2018 09:54 PM

Amany Khairy

The antiquities and tourism police in Esna, south of Luxor, found part of an ancient column that dates back to the Greco-Roman era next to the home of a 62-year-old man who was identified only by his initials, R.A.M. He is a tailor and lives next to the Greco-Roman era temple of Esna.

The police inspected the house and found that the column was of black granite, one-meter high and 22cm in diameter. The archaeological committee that examined authenticated its Greco Roman origin. An official report was filed but it has not been announced yet where the column will be moved to, or how it came to light.

The town of Esna is a living example of the predicament of antiquities and archaeological elements that lie buried under homes and shops inhabited by modern-day residents. The residents cannot be moved en masse to uncover the buried heritage which, in turn, needs to be excavated.

Watani International

18 March 2018

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