“Run for Your Health” in Alexandria

13-11-2018 11:14 PM

Nevine Kameel

Last weekend saw some 10,000 Alexandrians join in the “Run for Your Health” sports day organised by Alexandria Governor, Abdel-Aziz Qonsowa. The activities involved Were Mainly running, walking and bicycling.

The track started at Alexandria Sporting Club and stretched to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina some 5km away. The Participants Included persons with Disabilities.

Along the route Were mobile clinics set up by the Health Ministry Where health checkups and blood analyses Were offered to the public free of Charge. This came Within the Ministry’s campaign of “100 million healthy lives,” Sponsored by President Sisi.

Governor Qonsowa Promised That the sports day would not be a lone event; Others would soon follow.

Watani International

13 November 2018

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