St Paul Hospital offers day of free medical examination

19-06-2018 11:56 PM

Mariam Farouq

In coordination with the Medical Administration of Hayeq al-Qubba, St Paul Hospital the in the middle class Cairo district of Hadyeq al-Qubba has offered patients a day of free medical examinations in various specialisations. The hospital is affiliated to the monastery of St Paul the First of the Hermits in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, and was opened by Pope Tawadros II and Anba Danial, Abbot of St Paul’s, last February.

This is not the first time the hospital offers special services to the community. All through the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which began on 17 May, patients could visit the hospital and get medical examinations at reduced rates.

Fr Missail Anba Pola who supervises the hospital, stresses that the purpose behind establishing it in the first place was to provide the community with distinguished service at affordable prices.

Safinaz Mansour, director of Hadayeq al-Qubba Medical Administration, praised St Paul Hospital and the medial service it offers. She said the day for free medical examinations was a huge success, as were the reduced Ramadan rates. “We advertised these services locally,” she said, “at the metro stations and local stores, and we got patients from the neighbourhood and also from outside. They all said they had been given excellent service.

“The exceptional service offered by St Paul’s,” Dr Mansour said, “led us to hold seminars and awareness campaigns at the hospital. We organised seminars on hepatitis C and on rabies.”

A local NGO supplied the hospital with a collection of medicine free of charge to hand to needy patients.

Watani International

19 June 2018

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