Theatre group for persons with disabilities

14-03-2018 12:47 AM

Minister of Culture, Ines Abdel-Dayem, has issued a decision to establish the first professional State-affiliated theatre group composed of persons with disabilities. The new group will carry the name “Shams”, literally Sun, in an indication that persons with disability represent the Light. It will be affiliated to the Culture Ministry’s Theatre Artistic House, and will have permanent headquarters at the International Garden at Nasr City.

“It has been an old dream of Ms Andel-Dayem to see such a theatre group materialise,” Isamil Mukhtar, head of the Theatre Artistic House said, “especially that President Sisi has declared 2018 the year for persons with disabilities,. Last month, the President ratified a new law for persons with disabilities. []

Members of the new group will attend various technical workshops that tackle acting, casting, expressive movement, and singing and music, which would qualify them for professional theatre.

Shams will present their first performance next April with the show “al-Itr”, literally “The Fragrance”, directed by Muhammed Allam. A suitable theatre was set up to accommodate the needs of the visually impaired and deaf and mute audiences and performers.

Watani International

13 March 2018

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