The Holy Virgin’s fast

03-08-2012 02:16 PM

Wagdy Habashy

Next Tuesday marks the beginning of the Holy Virgin’s fast, a two-week fast that is lovingly observed by Copts—and many Muslims too.

The two-week period of fast is more of a time for good cheer, with families heading to church in the mornings for Holy Mass, and in the evenings for services and resounding praises for the Virgin.
This year the Holy Virgin’s fast coincides with Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting. On this auspicious occasion, Watani wishes its readers a blessed fast.  
The icon is by Wagdy Habashy, and depicts the Holy Virgin embracing the Baby Jesus in a protective gesture that seems to involve her whole being. Despite her smile, a look of sadness emanates from her eyes: a prediction of the pain she would have to go through as she witnesses her Son crucified. 
The Holy Virgin is dressed in blue, reminding of the description “the second heaven” frequently attributed to her in the Coptic Church. “Second heaven” reveals the parallel between Heaven as “God’s throne” (Matt 5: 34), and the Holy Virgin who carried Him in her womb then in her arms, making her His throne on earth. The white veil symbolises her purity, while the halo reflects her inward and outward radiance.
WATANI International
5 August 2012
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