A miserable, failed authority

12-04-2013 04:41 PM

Youssef Sidhom, who was outside Egypt when the recent attacks against the Copts took place, has been following closely on the events at home When I met with the representatives of the presidency last February, I was asked: What can be done to deal with the explosive [sectarian] situation in Egypt, and how can the Copts be made to feel comfortable? My reply was that there was no alternative to a State of law and justice.
It is a miserable State that stands by as onlooker, unable to protect its citizens. It is disgraceful when a pitiable security apparatus can do nothing but keep a distance between the offender and the victim while the crime takes place.
When not a culprit is caught or brought to justice, the ruling authority can be sure that the floodgates of public anger are sure to burst open, and that its collapse is certainly drawing nigh.

WATANI International
14 April 2013

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