Are we pieces on a chessboard?

21-06-2013 07:23 PM

Youssef Sidhom

My telephone rang last Thursday evening; the voice on the other end warmly congratulated me on having been appointed by Prime Minister Hisham Qandil a member of the newly-formed

National Council for Justice and Equality. I found myself at a loss; I had not been informed of the appointment in the first place, and knew nothing of it. A few minutes later I received another call from someone who worked for a satellite TV channel, and who asked me to give my comment on the appointment. Again, I gave the same reply.
Today, Friday morning, one of the reporters at Watani came to me with a copy of the PM’s decision Number 64 for the year 2013, announcing the establishment of the National Council for Justice and Equality, with my name listed among the members. I felt insulted. Has the current administration reached the point where it would establish a national council with an eminent mission—as the name implies—and not bother to invite the candidate members to talk about the purpose and goals of the council? Was it right for the intended members to know of their appointment through the media, without being asked or consulted on this appointment? Is this what happened with the Prime Minister when he was appointed? Did Hisham Qandil know of his appointment from the media?
I hate to say that this behaviour reflects a flawed political attitude which exposes the arrogance of the political leadership. Does this leadership believe it is granting favours which the recipients can only accept with gratitude and adulation?
What PM Qandil did confirms the current official policy of moving individuals around as though they are pieces in a chess game. 
I am not a piece on the chess board. 
WATANI International
21 June 2013
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