Christmas … A new dawn for Egypt

04-01-2014 01:31 PM

Youssef Sidhom

As we welcome the New Year 2014, we look back on 2013 as a year of events that have shaken Egypt to the core.

 Turmoil and frustration dominated the first half of the year, but the second half brought relief as Egyptians salvaged their country from the clutches of the Islamists who had attempted to take over Egypt. It did not take long, however, for gruesome Islamist terrorism to hit the land. 
So we begin the new year not with a renewed fear for Egypt’s future as we did back in 2013, but looking forward to a new dawn. A week after Christmas should see Egyptians vote on the new Constitution; this is the true challenge that awaits every one of us in order for Egypt to reach the safe shores of a better future.
True, we carry with us a heavy legacy of pain and sorrow on account of the victims who for no reason other than their being Egyptian have paid, along with their families and Egypt in its entirety, a hefty bill for opting for a free Egypt. They paid this bill in lives and injured souls and bodies at the hands of Islamist terrorists. Nonetheless, the difference stands huge between being trapped in a dark tunnel with not a glimpse of light at the end, as Egypt was under Islamist rule; and emerging out of this bleak tunnel to head towards deliverance, even with so many terrorists stumbling blocks on the way. 
My sincerest Christmas wishes go to His Holiness Pope Tawadros II; the faithful, wise, patriotic shepherd gifted by the good Lord to the Church. My good wishes also go to all the bishops, clergy, and congregations of all the Churches in Egypt. I pray that the Lord should protect and bless our nation in the new year.
WATANI International
5 January 2014
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